Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is my advisor?
A: Rachel Fletcher, academic counselor in the school's advising center, helps first-year students make a strong start in the program. Second- through fifth-year students work with Sheri Lynn Brown, senior academic counselor, and are assigned to faculty advisors who assist them in planning their career goals. Students with questions or concerns may schedule an appointment with advising center staff anytime Monday through Friday.
Q: When do I meet with my advisor for registration?
A: Students must meet with their academic advisor prior to registration. For fall/summer registration, plan to meet with your advisor in March. For spring registration, plan to meet with your advisor in October. We will remind you to schedule your advising appointment via email and flyers on student information boards in Vol Walker Hall.
Q: How do I apply for grade forgiveness?

A: Students receiving a grade of "D" or "F" in any course may apply for grade forgiveness by filing a written petition through the registrar's office. The petition must be completed and approved before graduation. Keep in mind:

  • Students are limited to two requests (up to nine hours) as a UA undergraduate.
  • Lecture/lab co-requisites taken together count as one usage.
  • Both the original grade and the new grade appear on the transcript.
  • Grades received because of academic dishonesty are not eligible.
  • Some institutions will not recognize grade forgiveness.
Q: Do correspondence courses count toward my degree?
A: Students seeking more flexibility may take correspondence classes in English, math and other core subjects. The Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design accepts all correspondence courses offered by the University of Arkansas School of Continuing Education and Academic Outreach. Correspondence credits earned at other institutions must be evaluated for transfer by the registrar's office.
Q: How does the grading scale work?
A: Architecture (ARCH), interior architecture and design (IARD) and landscape architecture (LARC) courses are graded on a +/- system:
A = 4.00
A- = 3.67
B+ = 3.33
B = 3.00
B- = 2.67
C+ = 2.33
C = 2.00
C- = 1.67
D+ = 1.33
D = 1.00
D- = 0.67
F = 0.00
Q: What does the Media Center have to offer students?
A: Students may check out equipment (contact Media Center to reserve):
  • Digital, 35 mm and video cameras
  • Laptop computers
  • Digital projectors
  • Students may document their work. Two slide scanners, a small flat bed scanner, image-editing software, and a fully equipped studio for photographing work are available by reservation.
  • Students may access and use images. An extensive slide, video and searchable online digital collection is available for student research and class reports.
  • Students may learn about the profession. Current issues of major design magazines are available for browsing.
Q: Where can I build models and projects?
A: Located in Vol Walker Hall, the Materials Shop and Visualization Lab are available to students and faculty for design, coursework, and research projects. The Materials Shop is staffed by a full-time technician and provides access to numerous power tools and hand tools. In the Visualization Lab students may use a computer numerically controlled (CNC) router and laser cutters to transform software files into three-dimensional designs. A student technician is available to assist with hardware and software.
Q: Where can I find information on upgrading my computer?
A: Details can be found in this document outlining minimum computer specifications and required software.