Study Abroad

The international study program introduces students to interiors, buildings, cities and landscapes very different from their own, enriching their design vocabulary and deepening their understanding of other cultures. In addition to the semester of international study, which is required in the five-year professional degree programs, students may choose to travel with faculty to significant cities and natural environments throughout the world.

The Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design offers a number of scholarships that support student travel. Exchange programs with schools in Italy and Mexico also promote a diverse student population. The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange is the university's one-stop shop for pre-departure preparations (passport and visa applications, health insurance and other stuff students need on the go).

Field Studies — Various Locations

In this five-week summer program, landscape architecture students analyze the design of sites that have included ancient and contemporary gardens, and they investigate the relationships among buildings, boulevards and parks in some of the world’s grandest historic cities. In some years, coursework begins in the school's Rome Study Center, where daily studios are supplemented by field trips to Siena, Pompeii and Florence. Study in Paris, France and southern Great Britain also completes the program some years. From year to year, various other locations are also selected for study. For more information, visit the University of Arkansas’ Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange.

University of Arkansas Rome Center

Located in Palazzo Taverna, one of the most prestigious palaces in the heart of Rome and former headquarters of the National Institute of Architecture (IN/ARCH), the University of Arkansas Rome Center immerses fourth-year architecture students in a full semester program that offers courses in architectural design, architectural and urban history, historic preservation and Italian culture and language. As part of the program and curriculum, students participate in several day trips and work under the direction of Davide Vitali, an Italian architect who oversees the program. Students participating in the Rome program also have the unique opportunity to benefit from faculty from local partner universities, and participate in workshops and seminars with international students.

The Fay Jones School has had a presence in Rome since 1986.

Interior Architecture and Design Student Options

All interior architecture and design students entering the program in 2015 and beyond must complete one study abroad experience. The experience must be a minimum of three credit hours and can be completed at any time during the four-year program. Students may opt to study with landscape architecture and architecture students in any of the three programs listed above, or they may opt to experience an interior design specific program. These programs may be two- or five-week experiences. Destinations for programs will vary each summer, for example: London, Paris, Barcelona, Scandinavia or Japan. Students may also opt for a five-week summer program based at the University of Arkansas Rome Center. The range of options is established to make international study available at various price points.

For more information, visit the University of Arkansas’ Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange.