Digital Fabrication Lab

Girl using blowtorch on class project

Utilize a 3D printer; a MakerBot; and a custom-made machine that does computer numerically controlled plasma cutting and five-axis milling.



Transform software files into three-dimensional designs and support construction projects, through the use of a CNC router, table saws, and more.

Smart Media Center

media center

Providing content and support to faculty and students, through an extensive digital image database, as well as cameras and imaging software.


advising student

The information source on academic programs, degree requirements, applications & financial aid, courses, scholarships, job and internship opportunities.

Community Design Center

creative corridor

Providing award-winning, innovative planning to communities and organizations throughout Arkansas, since 1995.

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Design & work in this beautiful “living laboratory” — a 210-acre woodland habitat botanical garden, located near Hot Springs National Park.