Honors Program

Though any degree in the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design requires years of rigorous study and studio work, some exceptional students seek experiential education that deepens classroom learning. The school's honors curriculum targets students interested in independent exploration of topics related to the natural and built environment.

The program, which is part of the University of Arkansas Honors College, is open to academically qualified students pursuing four-year studies and four-year and five-year professional degrees. Students may choose the Departmental Honors or the College Honors program. All honors students must complete an independent honors thesis during their final year in school.

The benefits? Honors students can count on small discussion groups, more one-on-one contact with faculty members, and priority registration. They participate in interdisciplinary honors seminars and conduct undergraduate research. And of course, the University of Arkansas Honors College provides exceptional resources for its students – scholarships, fellowships and grants that support tuition, room and board, computer purchases, international study, travel to professional conferences and other expenses. Honors students may graduate cum laudemagna cum laude or summa cum laude – a lifelong plus on the resume.

Look here for more details on the overall honors program for the Fay Jones School and for specific details of the architecture, landscape architecture or interior design honors programs.