We are committed to the philosophy that architects have a role to play in the aesthetic, social and cultural betterment of society.

Interior Arch. and Design

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We emphasize design as a creative, problem solving-skill. Students learn to create environments that meet diverse human needs and desires.

Landscape Architecture

larc students

We explore the making of spaces through urban design, wetland reclamation, and the design of public memorials, parks and gardens.

Study Abroad

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The international study program introduces students to cities and landscapes very different from their own, enriching their design vocabulary and deepening their understanding of other cultures.

Honors Program


Though any degree requires years of rigorous study and studio work, our honors curriculum targets students interested in the independent exploration of topics related to the natural and built environment.

sketching on cobblestone street

This gallery highlights a wide range of design work created in all levels of our architecture, interior design and landscape architecture programs.