Studio Requirements

The Fay Jones School professional programs are based around design studios, which are hands-on, project-based courses where students learn design fundamentals, then build on them to create their own unique design style using all the new tools at their disposal.

First year students in our Architecture and Interior Architecture and Design majors have two paths for starting their design studio classes, either in the fall and spring of their first year or in the summer after first year. Students are placed into one of these pathways based on their academic record coming into the program. If a student is interested in enrolling in the Fall/Spring studio track for their first year, they must meet the requirements below:

  • Must apply and be admitted to the University of Arkansas as an Architecture or Interior Architecture and Design major by November 15th of senior year
  • Minimum 25 ACT score
  • Minimum 3.5 high school GPA
  • High school physics – Architecture only
  • High school upper level math – Architecture only

Any students who do not meet these requirements are placed into the Summer/Summer studio option, which takes place over 10 weeks in the summer after the student’s first year in the program. At the end of the first academic year, all students from both the Fall/Spring and Summer/Summer studio tracks move into the fall second year studio together. Both studio sequences keep students on track for graduation.

Please note that students who meet the fall studio requirements are not guaranteed an invitation to fall studio. Invitations will be decided and sent to select students based on a variety of factors, including available seats in classrooms.

For more information, please check out our Studio Cohorts handout

If you choose the Test Optional path to admission, you are still able to be admitted into the Fay Jones School. However, a lack of test score could impact your placement into the fall studio pathway, if that is an option you’re interested in pursuing. If you have questions about test optional admission into the Fay Jones School, please contact Rachel Fletcher at

Please note that the studio requirements are different for transfer students, and you can find more information about that in our Transfer Students section.

If you have any questions about our studio sequence options, please contact Rachel Fletcher at