Computer Requirements

Computer Lab

The school's computer labs are staffed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The staff can assist you with network issues, troubleshoot on personal computers, solve problems related to printing and formatting and manage your printing account.

The lab supports Windows and Mac operating systems and are connected to local area and campus-wide networks. The labs provide access to two- and three-dimensional computer aided design and modeling software, digital manufacturing software, and programs for animation, image processing and graphical layout. The labs also provide access to:

  • Flatbed scanners
  • CDRW drives
  • Black and white laser printers
  • Color inkjet printers
  • High-quality, large-format color plotters

Student Work Stations

Each student purchases a secure computer cabinet in the first semester of the second year. The cabinet, together with a drafting table provided by the school, is placed in the design studio and is accessible at all times. All student work stations are provided with a network connection that allows them access to lab computers and output devices, as well as access to computer virus protection, electronic mail and the internet.

Purchasing a Computer

When to Buy

Computer-aided design is introduced in the first year of study. It’s recommended that you wait until then to purchase your computer, so that you have the most up-to-date and powerful system possible. (There are computer labs across campus that you can use to complete other coursework).

What to Buy

Buy with future upgrades in mind. We’re committed to exposing students to the most current graphic visualization technology available. Find out more details about your computer needs, including minimum computer specifications and required software.

Upgrade Regularly

To keep current with the latest software, plan to upgrade your machine every three or four years. For details on minimum hardware and software requirements, accessories, and tips on buying software at educational prices, check out the latest school of architecture computer specifications for all three departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

University Network and File Transfer

Q: What is
A: Network storage provided by Computing Services that will hold 250MB of your personal files. More information can be found on the Computing Services website.
Q: How do I access on campus?
A: When you log on to any machine in campus computer labs, the "My Documents" folder automatically points to your mydocs folder.
Q: Can I access mydocs from off campus?
A: Only by using a secure FTP client such as SSH Secure Shell client or a free FTP client like Filezilla. Point the FTP client to and log in with your UA user name and password (the first part of your email address).