Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What courses should I take in high school to prepare for architecture, interior design or landscape architecture?
A: Pursue a rigorous academic program that includes honors courses (if available), and take all Advanced Placement (A.P.) exams. Take high school art, drawing and design courses to help you develop your visual thinking skills. These courses will be much better preparation than architectural drafting courses, which tend to emphasize purely mechanical skills. To prepare for the architecture program, take upper level high school math and science courses. A general high school physics course is one of the requirements for admission to the fall architecture studio. Trigonometry and analysis courses are helpful in preparing for the landscape architecture program. Take biology, geology, geography and horticulture courses for a better understanding of the natural environment.
Q: How do I prepare intellectually for the Fay Jones School programs?
A: Get into the habit of reading about, drawing, and looking at architecture, interior design and landscape architecture.
Q: What supplies will I need?
A: First year students may purchase a kit of the basic design tools for approximately $250 at the campus bookstore. You'll need additional funds for art paper and model materials. In general, plan to budget $500 each semester for supplies. Your expenses may be less, but it's good to be prepared!
Q: Should I purchase a computer before entering the Fay Jones School programs?
A: If you will begin Design I in the fall semester, it is recommended that you purchase your computer in the summer prior to starting the first year. If you will be taking Design I and II in the summer, you may wait until that time to purchase your computer. A document outlining minimum computer specifications and required software will be distributed to you the summer before starting your studies. Due to compatibility and support issues, we do not recommend Apple products. Buy with an eye toward future upgrades: the Fay Jones School is committed to exposing students to the most current graphic visualization technology available.
Q: How will I get everything done? Is it true that the Fay Jones School students are in studio 24/7?
A: We believe that students think most clearly and creatively when they are well-fed and well-rested. The school will offer mandatory workshops on time management, personal finance, stress management and self-care to first- and second-year students. Mentoring and community service opportunities also will be available.