Concentration in Resiliency Design

This degree is focused on community and landscape resiliency determined by critical factors including water, mobility, food, housing, aging and public health. The program provides advanced study of pressing public-interest civic issues by combining design, research, and expanded modes of professional engagement. The University of Arkansas Community Design Center is one of six programs leading the American Institutes of Architect’s National Resiliency Initiative, and houses one of the few university-based teaching offices in design programs nationally. This unique program will prepare graduates to engage interdisciplinary urban design challenges through service learning and public outreach in collaboration with a professional staff.

Concentration in Retail and Hospitality Design

This degree provides advanced study of strategic thinking and design methods relative to the hospitality and retail environments. The program is grounded in design’s contribution to economic success. Business strategies are integrated with innovative problem solving to craft unique experiences within these specialized settings. Proximity to international business enterprises and strategic relationships with global design firms enables graduates to integrate environmental, cultural, and social discourse to deliver comprehensive approaches to complex design scenarios.